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Universal Bio-sampling Co., Ltd. produces solidified sampling business for sample testing using the UBiSS card and UBiSS ICT system.
We created new value in sample testing and storage methods by developing UBiSS cards with PVA sponges attached. In addition, by providing this as a service, we propose a new method called “solid sampling” as an alternative to conventional liquid sampling process using tubes.
Furthermore, by constructing an ICT system that utilizes this UBiSS card, we will improve an interactive communication environment for health checkup services, sampling, individuals, and facilitate access to medical and personal health information, which undergoes a digital transformation (DX).
In our activity, we will change the current storage and operation for liquid biopsy process necessary to require freezing storage  worldwide into a sustainable ecosystem that do not emit CO2.
We believe that our sincerity as a company and the unique sampling process of our service will ensure a profitable partnership between us.

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