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UBiSS card

UBiSS System

 (Universal Bio Information Sampling System)

Unique sample collection and storage kit

using PVA sponge

PVA sponge with excellent water absorption and water retention capacity produced by Aion Co. Ltd, with reliable technology is applied to the field of collecting and storing liquid samples. By impregnating the liquid sample into a sponge and then drying it, it is possible to solidify the liquid biopsy and store it at room temperature for an ultra-long period. 

ICT platform provided by UBS

UBiSS is a general term for ICT platforms provided by UBS. This platform  adopts an original encryption algorithm to manage personal and handling information, and decryption is possible only on personal terminals or designated information terminals. As an interactive data utilization system starting from the UBiSS card, UBS provides an excellent cloud-based sample test result notification service that ensures high-security performance with its code system, and also has sample individual identification and management functions.

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